Price Lists (Please consult with our stylist prior booking) *T&C applies

All Terms & Conditions (Please Read)

All newcomers to consult with us before booking.

Before you SMS in the dates, kindly take some time to read the below on the new booking procedures!

* MESSAGES WILL BE REPLIED FROM BOTTOM UP, ACCORDING TO THE EARLIEST TIME STAMP, do not message repeatedly or else your message will go up to the top and will be read last 🙂
** We will take a few days to reply but we will make sure all messages are replied.


  • No appointment is confirmed until you receive our SOP & Confirmation Message.
  • PACKAGE and VOUCHERS are NOT usable during peak period, e.g. Chinese New Year.
  • We will only hold your appointment for 20mins. If you can only reach after the grace period, kindly reschedule the appointment. The rescheduled appointment will be subjected to next earliest availability.

Regardless of reason, as long as cancellation is done within 24 hours prior to appointment date, the below will be applicable.

  • One off customer (no package / recurrent appointment)
    Last minute cancellation or no show will result in upfront collection of 50% deposit to confirm the rescheduled appointment.
  • For customers that have existing packages with us, if there is last minute cancellation for 3 times, on the 3rd time, it will result in deduction of 1 session from the package.
  • For customers that have recurring appointments throughout the year with us, we will need to collect 50% deposit upfront to continue the rest of the appointments. Otherwise, we will cancel the remaining appointments.

Please note that the deposit collected will act as a cancellation fee if you cancel within **72hours** before the rescheduled date & time.
Q : What does Collecting of the Deposit mean?
A : When you turn up for your rescheduled appointment, you will only need to pay the balance 50% as we have already collected 50% prior.

  • For customers taking the free pet transportation, we seek your cooperation to follow our SOP. There will be strictly NO SELECTION of specific pick up/drop off timing. (eg : can you pick by 9am or can you come after 630pm... etc)
    Kindly check your messages and make arrangements to bring your dogs down as our driver will not be able to go up to your residence as they have dogs in the vehicle. We cannot leave the car engine on and dogs unattended.
    Transportation Charges applies should there be a missed pick up.
    T&C applies.


    1st Jan -6th Jan 2023 ($5)
    7th Jan -13th Jan 2023 ($10)
    14th Jan - 20th Jan 2023 ($15)
  • Please remember to MAINTAIN your dog's coat for your requested fluffy furstyle. Due to the peak period, If the coat is too matted, we WILL NOT be able to complete both dematting (if you insist no shaving) and full/basic grooming in your allocated appointment slot. Thus, you will only be able to do the dematting and we will strongly advise you to make another appointment for full grooming services. It would probably be AFTER the peak period. So, TO AVOID disappointment, please maintain and minimize the tangles for a Chinese New Year makeover. (Dematting charges are excluded in all services.)
  • Do advise in advance for spa service so we can pre-estimate and advise you on the extra time needed.
  • Please book the correct services as we might not be able to upgrade the services on that day itself. (eg : change from basic groom to full groom)
  • We suggest that you send in a few alternative dates for the appointments so we can reply with the next preferred date should your 1st choice is not available.
  • You can comment on the post below to let us know or remind us that you have sent in the dates. We will get back to you ASAP. 🙂

Looking forward to a better 2023 grooming appointment booking routine & operation procedure