Signs That It’s Time to Send Your Dog to the Groomer

It is difficult to identify the initial indications that our dog needs to be groomed when we see them every day. Grooming our dogs is one of the most crucial things we can do to keep them content and healthy. Taking our dogs to a professional groomer can help avoid ticks, fleas, and other parasites in addition to keeping our dog from smelling terrible.

Although grooming is a crucial component of dog care, many Pawrents are uncertain of how regularly they should perform it. While routinely grooming our dog is generally the best strategy overall, here are some indications that it's time for another grooming session.

Visibility of Dirt on Fur

Visible dirt or matted fur is one of the first and simplest signs that one's dog needs to be groomed. Even though playing and running outside helps them maintain their weight, getting dirt, mud, and debris is unavoidable, so these spots accumulate on their skin and fur until they start to smell. Matted hair also causes discomfort in your dog, which could lead to health risks such as pests building nests in it, resulting in infections from bacteria, diseases, and possible skin damage.

Pawrents may be enticed to trim their dog's matted fur, but this is not a good idea. If you don't have much experience trimming fur, you risk unintentionally cutting your dog's skin."

Long Nails

Long Nails are easy to spot, you can tell if their nails are excessively long by the sound of them clicking against the hardwood or laminated floorings. While some dogs can naturally maintain their nails short by walking on paved or hard surfaces like sidewalks, if they spend a lot of time on grass, their nails will eventually grow out too long. It may hurt and is uncomfortable most of the time. It's best to have your dog's nails clipped by the groomer to make sure your dog is at ease and to prevent the risk of cutting their paw's skin by mistake.

Odour From Your Dog’s Ear

Make sure your dog genuinely needs ear cleaning before over or under-cleaning them. Cleaning too much might cause irritation and dog ear infections. Dogs' ears naturally clean themselves, but wax can build up in the canal or infection may appear. If this is the case, sniffing your dog's neck can bring up an odor. As a result, it's important to check your dog's ears once a week. Dogs' inner ears differ from ours in several ways. This may be seen simply by peering inside them. Their curved ears make it simpler for bacteria and parasites to become lodged there. An odorless, rosy ear is a sign of a clean, healthy ear. If you notice the ear with a mild odour and looks red, and inflamed along with several behaviors of scratching too frequently and shaking of the head being spotted a number of times, consult with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Signs of Parasites or Pests

Watch for signs such as frequent scratching, inflamed skin, or sores. Parasites can slowly worsen, feed on your dog, and potentially spread to other dogs or people in your home if they aren't detected and treated right away. As their health worsens and the parasites feed on their blood and nutrition, your dog may gradually begin to feel increasingly weak and fatigued. Diseases spread by parasites have the potential to be lethal. Therefore, it's crucial that any pests are found as soon as possible. It is preferable for dogs to have regular planned grooming appointments in order to avoid all of this.


Clogged anal sacs can be both uncomfortable and painful for you and your dog. Dogs have two little anal sacs on either side of their behind that hold a fishy-smelling, an unpleasant liquid that is generally expelled when they poop. A bowel movement usually causes the anal sacs to empty. However, if the sacs aren't working properly, fluid might accumulate, and the glands can become inflamed. The liquid may harden, preventing its release. This can cause your dog pain and discomfort.The groomer will gently express the glands to release the contents, providing relief to your dog. A thorough bath will follow the treatment.

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November 07, 2022 — June's Pet House